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Entering the German market

In the period from October 10 to 15, 2022, the "GERZ Construction" team, consisting of Oleksandr Rotov, Genadiy Gramma, and Serhiy Chertkov, held negotiations with representatives of the Wolff&Mūller company (Stuttgart) Alexander Schmidt, Stephan Schrocther, Bernard Gruenenthal, Ricardo Mendonca on the subject of cooperation in construction projects The host party expressed interest in involving Ukrainian specialists in the implementation of projects throughout the territory of Germany.

For its part, the Gerz team thanked Germany for the comprehensive support of Ukraine, and personally the W&M team, which helps us understand the nuances of the German construction market and legislation. During the visit, the host party introduced us to some construction sites and noted the differences in the organization of construction work in our countries.

Also, our colleagues gave us the opportunity to feel the spirit of Germany by conducting several excursions, including to such an iconic place as the museum of the Mercedes Benz company, in the construction of which the Wolff&Mūller company took part. According to the results of the visit, the parties agreed to take the next step and proceed to the discussion of possible objects for cooperation and contractual conditions.