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Cooperation with NEFCO and NPU named after M. P. Drahomanov

December 30, 2020

A contract agreement was signed today for the project "Thermomodernization of the dormitory building of the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University at the address: Osvity, 6a". The actual project is part of the "Higher Education of Ukraine" program financed by the Nordic Environmental Financial Corporation (NEFCO) together with the European Investment Bank and the Eastern European Partnership for Energy Efficiency and Environment Fund (E5P Fund).

The total budget of the project is almost 160 million euros. These are investments in energy efficiency measures, including the modernization (rehabilitation) of buildings, their heat and electrical systems, which in the complex will necessarily lead to energy savings and comfortable conditions for study and work.

The competition procedure for NEFCO contracts is one of the longest we have encountered. More than half a year passed from the submission of the tender offer to the signing of the contract. Despite this, Gerz Construction Ukraine is eager to start work on this project in the new year. Given that the real project is a "turnkey" type, the first stage of work will be the design of all measures to improve the dormitory building and obtaining expertise.

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