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General Education School No. 7 in Emergency State

January 20, 2021

According to the results of the inspection by the technical supervision, it became known that one of the objects on which work is being carried out by the Gerz Construction Ukraine is in an emergency state, in connection with which, the technical supervision has stopped all construction and installation work on the reconstruction of secondary school No. 7 in the city of Berdyansk.

On January 16, in order to clarify the situation, an on-site meeting was held directly at the facility in School No. 7 with the participation of the mayor Valery Baranov, secretary of the city council Oleksandr Svidlo, deputy mayor Olena Bozhkova, deputy of the city council from the AKZ microdistrict Volodymyr Bezverkhi, the director of the school, a representative of Gerz Construction Ukraine, specialists of the management of capital construction of the executive committee, technical and author's supervision.

"The school is in a state of emergency," said the technical supervision engineer Mykola Druzhynin. - "Many problems of its buildings are not visually visible, but they are there. And the reconstruction project does not provide for the elimination of some of these problems. In particular, there is no provision for replacing the heating system, and there is no technical solution for strengthening the load-bearing walls. The ground under the school is very bad, the buildings are floating and may collapse at any moment, which will lead to tragic consequences. And the last examination of the degree of emergency of the school was carried out in 2014. I cannot allow the continuation of reconstruction under this project under such conditions."

After the on-site meeting, Gerz Construction Ukraine and the customer received a letter from technical supervision officially stopping all reconstruction work. We will look forward to the next development, because if the work does not resume, it will not be possible to complete the reconstruction by the first of September.

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