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Gerz Construction and Wolff&Mūller expand horizons

Between December 7 and 8, 2022, the W&M team consisting of Alexander Schmidt, Ricardo Mendonca und Jūrgen Klotzsche and Gerz met in Warsaw with our company GERZ consisting of Oleksandr Rotov, Oleg Kaseev, Genadiy Gramma and Serhiy Chertkov. The parties discussed the possibility and terms of engaging the Gerz Construction Poland company in the construction of treatment plants in the Sindelfingen area, Baden-Wertemberg, and discussed the main points of the contract.

The German side focused on the contractor's fulfillment of a number of important qualification requirements for the start of cooperation, namely: the need to obtain additional documents for "GERZ Construction Poland", according to German legislation, and to start the project implementation in a very short time.

Taking into account these requirements, it was decided to involve our company first in a similar project, the implementation of which will begin in the second half of next year. This time will give the Gerz team an opportunity to advance in learning the German language and prepare for the specifics of conducting work on the German construction market.