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Builder's Day is the best holiday of the year

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

We cordially congratulate you on the professional holiday - Builder's Day!

The profession of a builder has long been shrouded in popular respect and a great positive force. After all, those who build housing, hospitals, offices, shopping centers, playgrounds, give us the joy of contemplation, the luxury of home comfort and everyday comfort.

You have chosen a very difficult, but at the same time extremely important profession, because the construction industry is one of the main indicators of the development and stability of the country's economy.
Your practical activity is a real contribution to the renewal of the cities, towns and villages of our country, when new educational and healthcare facilities, unique sports facilities are built, temples, historical and cultural monuments are restored. Even under difficult economic conditions, you are looking for ways to improve your activity, the competitiveness of construction products, and the growth of the authority of the construction profession.

To be a builder means to be a creator, a person who creates new buildings and structures. But at the same time, it is a great responsibility, because only high-quality housing and architecturally sophisticated buildings leave bright memories of your extremely important work in the memory of the descendants.

It is thanks to you that architectural masterpieces get a new life, native streets and squares become better and more elegant. We are convinced that we have a lot of work ahead of us. After all, the implementation of a large-scale housing construction program has begun in the country, the region and the state need your knowledge and skills.

We wish you health, success and inspiration, well-being to your families. May your work bring you joy and prosperity, the comfort of comfortable homes for people, and prosperity for Ukraine.

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