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Renovation of the 1970's Educational Institution

November 19, 2020

GerzConstruction Ukraine continues to take steps towards the restoration of its native lands by accepting participation in tenders for the restoration of public buildings. This time, the Society won the open bidding for works under the project "Reconstruction of the building of the comprehensive school of grades I-III No. 5 named after Valery Dotsenko of the Mirnograd City Council, located at the address: Myrnograd, Donetsk region, "Molodizhnyi" b. 56".

Secondary school No. 5 was put into operation in 1970, and the institution has not been overhauled since it was put into operation. The building is not insulated, the asbestos-cement roof is leaking. Over 50 years of operation, engineering networks have reached a state of unusability and require replacement. The window and door units do not meet modern requirements, the porch has significant damage, and there is no unimpeded access for persons with disabilities. The educational institution itself is designed for 784 places and serves the territory, which includes "Molodizhny" and "Svitliy" districts. 940 children live in the service area of the comprehensive school.

The reconstruction of this school, like the previous four projects, is financed by the European Investment Bank within the framework of the "Emergency Credit Program for the Reconstruction of Ukraine" project, which is aimed at the reconstruction of Eastern Ukraine after the geopolitical events of 2014.

GerzConstruction Ukraine will be able to start the reconstruction itself only after receiving the resolution of the European Investment Bank "without objections".

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