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The "Restore Home" program continues its work in the city of Irpin

Condominium "Troitsky dvir" in the city of Irpin, Kyiv region, street Troitska, 37, is one of the buildings that, in order to participate in the Energy Efficiency Foundation's "Renew Home" program, changed its form of building management and created a condominium.
The result being; the "Troitskyi dvor" condominium association received the approval of Application No. 1 for the restoration of its multi-story residential building.
Under the terms of the "Renew Home" program, the following works are scheduled to be performed in the above-mentioned residential building:
- restoration of facades;
- restoration of windows;
- restoration of the entrance group doors;
- restoration of roof insulation;
- restoration of the water supply, sewage and electricity supply systems of the house.